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Mystic Realm

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Full download archive
Contains all the models and a ready MD2.dat file for quick installation.

This model is a direct conversion with a few new custom animations which shouldn't stand out much. Original model and skin by SSNTails, edited by Neo.

Can't have a Sonic game without rings! This quality model was made by Prime 2.0 and skinned by Neo. Note that the red ring model included is NOT the same as the normal ring, please do not mix these up.

Vertical Springs
Vertical springs from The Wizard Needs Food, Badly, ported over by Boinciel. Reskinned by Neo.

Crawla Commander
A cool three-dimensional version of the metallic predator. What it lacks in accuracy towards the original sprite it makes up in awesome. Modeled by Boinciel and skinned by Neo.

A 3D version of the ticking time-bomb, Deton. Modeled by Boinciel and skinned by Neo.

This dangerous half-sphere needs no introduction. Modeled by Boinciel and skinned by Neo.

NiGHTS Bumper
The original model used to create the bumper sprites in SRB2 has been procured from deep within the latter's IWAD by Prime 2.0. Skin was touched up by Neo.

A cute 3D rendition of the budding flower found in Greenflower Zone. Modeled by Boinciel and skinned by Neo. Further flowers will eventually be made, but this is all we can release at the moment.

Xmas decorative items
Christmas decorations plucked straight from The Wizard Needs Food, Badly. Contains the pole, the candy cane and the snowman. All successfully ported by Boinciel, pole and candy cane reskinned by Neo.

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